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Mulch should be installed utilizing at least a 2" depth but should be no deeper than 3".  Installed properly, a mulched landscape will suppress weeds, retain moisture and ensure a clean, beautiful terrain.

Plant Care

It is highly important that new plants are adequately watered during the initial month following installation.  By following the general care label, accompanied with your plant purchase, you can ensure the best chance of survival in your landscape.

Mowing Height

It is well documented that higher grass is equal to healthier grass!  The Green Industry maintains that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade should ever be removed within a single pass of the mower.  Mowing too short, produces a shallow root system producing thinned or bald patches and creating an environment that is begging for the establishement of weeds.

Mowing Frequency

With today's busy schedules it is easy to let your lawn get away from you, especially in periods of excess rain.  For the best care of your lawn, it is important not to try to catch up in one mowing. To the contrary, proper maintenance of your lawn establishes that higher and more frequent cuttings of the lawn should be implemented until the lawn is brought under control to allow for no more than 1/3 of the leaf blade to be removed in a single pass of your mower. Frequent mowing also minimizes the length of grass clippings which helps to eliminate the build-up of thatch. Smaller clippings can actually contribute as much as 25% to your lawn's nitrogen requirements which is beneficial versus clippings from lawns that have been let go and, if left to lie, can kill the lawn underneath. During periods of excessive rainfall it may be necessary to mow the lawn as much as twice each week to keep the lawn under control and as little as 10-14 days in drier climates while bearing in mind that each lawn is different.


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